Tuesday, 8 March 2011

What's new with Circles!

I’m feeling much than the last time I wrote! Although I’m still not permitted to lift or stretch, or drive, and I’m still off work.

I have been busily working on my circles, converting some of them into Illustrator images, testing how they would look in wallpaper designs, exploring scale and colour. I am not totally happy with the colourways that I have tried so far, but I will keep working with that issue. The colourways that I have been using up until now were all obtained from Trend Bible (http://www.trendbible.co.uk/blog/home-trends/home-trends-autumnwinter-201112-preview consulted 6/3/11). I have been working with their colour predictions for Autumn/Winter 2011-12. Trend Bible are an extremely clever company who attend trade shows etc and then put together trend predictions for their customers and the most amazing bi-annual trend books which are aesthetically inspired and inspirational. The University has some of these trend books in the library, but they do not have the most recent editions, which is very disappointing.

This is just one of the trend predictions from Trend Bible. It is beautifully put together and the imagery is imaginative and inspires me to create.
Anyway, here is a small selection of the work that I have achieved recently…

The single repeat is in the ‘Alpine Shelter’ colours from Trend Bible and the colours used in the room above are from their ‘Geographique’ trend. The ‘Geographique’ colours are possibly the best colours, from my perspective, because they are warm, vibrant and feel alive – so I need to try amending the way I have put them together. I am very pleased with the slightly oriental look that my pattern has though, this is mainly due to the 'Spirograph' style flowers which look similar to Japanese chrysanthemums.

I will continue designing circles, but within theme ranges, converting them into Illustrator images, exploring different ways of laying them out into patterns… and also how to convert them into stencils, because that is a direction that Whimsy & Quirk may potentially move toward.