Thursday, 25 November 2010

Post meeting update

Thursday 25th November 2010

The team meeting on Monday went well, I think. It was interesting to catch up with everybody and hear/see what they are looking at in their research. The others are all looking at lighting – Emma is looking at designing a wallcovering that includes a projected image, Mike is planning to design a club interior based upon light shining through ice and Phebe is looking at architecture that uses shadow and light as part of the design of the building. These are all really interesting topics with masses of potential. I mentioned Mary Temple’s installation featuring the painted ‘light through the window’ to Phebe because it could be useful as part of her research. (I have also, since, suggested to Mike that he should look at light shining through the facets of diamonds – as they are sometimes known as ice!)
I discussed my research into the history of applying pattern to walls, and different methods of applying patterns to surfaces.
At the end of the meeting Mike had set up a group named ‘Applications’ on Facebook, for the use of our team, which will be handy for communicating with each other.
Whilst continuing with my research I also need to start experimenting. I am considering designing a fabric wallcovering, for restaurants, that will possibly have an element of 3d and will also prevent sound from bouncing around on lots of hard surface.
So, thinking cap on!

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