Friday, 26 November 2010

The thought process since yesterday

Friday 26th November 2010

I have been thinking and researching, this afternoon, I wish to experiment with the various methods of applying a pattern to a surface; trying out as many as possible.

Methods that I definitely wish to attempt are Рpainting/stencilling onto fabric, appliqu̩, possibly collage, and I may (if there is time) try to draw out the design onto squared paper and try doing cross-stitched and knitted versions. As there is limited time, for this module, I may need to use the wallpaper design from the Experimentation and Feasibility module (with modifications) to facilitate progress.

So, more thinking is required… nothing new there then!

This was the original design, in its simplest form, so I will start by placing a grid over it (in Photoshop) and putting a spot of colour into each square and see where that leads...

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