Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Submission and beyond...

Hello, have you been wondering how I am getting on? I’m really sorry that I didn’t manage to give you an update before submission, but at least everything has been submitted now, so I finally have time to give you an update…

It was my birthday on 11th September, but I spent the day working on finishing touches. Although we did pop into town for some more fabric paint (3-d cushion cover) and whilst we were there we bought a cake from M&S – it was a yummy lemon cake, I’m not keen on chocolate cake.

We were given a timetable for presentations and mine was due to take place at 3pm on Tuesday 13th September, and I couldn’t help but feel that it would be better to submit at the same time rather than making two trips into Middlesbrough so – that is exactly what I did. It was such a relief to submit a day early! The presentations were given individually with just the two tutors present, which is always slightly easier than giving a presentation to a large audience. Because I was nervous I left out some important pieces of information that I had wanted to communicate to Michael and Neil, so I carried on explaining whilst answering questions!

After the presentations and submission we were all required to go into Uni and paint the exhibition room (AG12 in the Athena Building) white and then set up our show area. Tom and Adam went in and painted 2-3 layers of white and then Nick and I went in on Friday to finish the rest of the painting. Whilst the paint was drying we went upstairs and joined Michael, Adam, Andrew and Vicky to discuss the arrangement of banners so that we could start hanging them. Seeing the wide variety of imagery on the banners was very exciting – it made all the projects that were discussed in tutorials and presentations seem so much more real than they had before.

Nick and I set up our small areas of the exhibition room, along with all our embellishments and finishing touches – it was so very satisfying to see everything working so beautifully well together… it made me proud and a little emotional!

So, the AD-11 exhibition opens tomorrow evening and I am a little nervous. I’m not sure why though, because there is nothing else I could have done in the time and I am extremely proud of what I have achieved.

In the meantime my step-son Jez has designed a new website for me (unusual birthday present) and it will be up and running after it has received a few additional tweaks – probably in a month. His company, Jigsawpixel, can be found at - http://www.jigsawpixel.com – do take a look at their website.

I suspect that you may be wondering what I’m going to do next, now that things are beginning to quieten down. Well, I’m going to start by designing a range of Christmas cards – in fact I have already started working on it by asking friends and family what they associate with Christmas – answers include ‘Die Hard’ and half eaten mince pies and carrots that Santa and Rudolph can’t eat! How’s that for inspiration!? I also need to research greetings cards printers that specialise in environmentally friendly products.

And on that note I will go and get on with my research. Speak to you again soon, take it easy ;)

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