Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Ultimate/penultimate update!?

I’m exhausted and have been up since 4am, which was after I had sat in bed writing a ‘to do’ list! In a way I will be very glad to hand everything in and get some sleep, although, with 7days, 7hours and 50 minutes (at the time of writing this) until submission, I’m not totally sure I will make it.


Buy fabric for printing
Put sweetie lamp together
Finish stencilling wall
Photograph stencilled wall for portfolio
Make lampshade for sweetie lamp
Photograph sweetie lamp for portfolio
Go to print workshop and print fabric for cushion covers and seat cushion – this will not get done
Go into uni and design banner – submit for printing if approved by Michael
Order memory stick – probably 16gb
Submit banner for printing
Make cushion covers and cover seat cushion on Lloyd Loom chair
Finish putting sweetie table together
Have finished hand printed wallpapers
Take report for printing and binding
Take business plan for printing and binding
Put final submission together
Final submission

As you will see from this updated panic list, things haven’t moved along much from last time I wrote anything here – I have put together a photobook portfolio which has now been dispatched by the printers and should be here any day and, after 6 attempts, I managed to put together a banner which was to Michael’s satisfaction and is to be collected from printing at the Arts and Media Helpdesk today. In addition I have finished the gorgeous hand-painted cushion covers ready for the exhibition. The cushions covers look fantastic and have filled me with lots of ideas and inspiration for others… so much so that I would rather sit down and think about that than write a report!

I’m thinking about overlapping flaps sealed with vintage buttons, appliqué, patchwork (using my own prints) and all on up-cycled textiles from charity shops.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand – I have written my business plan and am just tweaking it. The report is 75% done, it just needs another 200 words and then editing, proof reading and appendices adding and it is ready to be printed and bound. I may even be able to take it to the printers tomorrow, a day earlier than my schedule.

The final submission is almost ready to go. I have put everything tidily into a folder and I have written explanatory notes which I will get printed at the same time as the business plan and report.

So, now you are either wondering what my problem is or, you have checked my list in your mind and have already worked it out – hand printed wallpaper!

I started working on it yesterday and it didn’t go well, so I had to start again. Because of the limited space that I am currently working in I have decided to stencil the pattern onto the wallpaper but, I have discovered that the stencils that I have designed aren’t as user friendly as I had thought and planned (must try harder) and I was very fed-up by the end of the day. The ‘Squares’ stencil is the issue, for 2 reasons -

1)    I put the guide holes in the wrong place so it is difficult to line the stencils up
2)    The pattern is very flimsy and corners keep lifting as I’m painting

Now, in the real world this would easily be sorted out, and will be but to have the stencils adjusted, cut on the laser printer, collected from Middlesbrough and painted onto 3½ metres of wallpaper by next Wednesday may not be do-able. I will speak to Michael today, when I go in to pick up my banner, and ask whether it will be possible to hand in that wallpaper in time for the exhibition instead of submission… fingers crossed!

Right, I need to be getting on with my report and painting wallpaper so; I will try to update you on how things are, before submission, but please forgive me if I don’t.

Take care J

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