Thursday, 24 February 2011

First decision made for Realisation

So, here I am, a week after my operation. I have not managed much in the way of work for the Realisation module during this last week, for obvious reasons, and still at this point I am very uncomfortable and can’t stay focussed on anything for very long (or sat in one position either!). Hernia repairs are not fun.

Anyway, whinge over, I have been thinking about what I would like to achieve, and have in place, by the end of this module. One of the things that I would like to incorporate into the remit of Whimsy & Quirk is to take pieces of vintage furniture and ‘tart’ them up, starting with the old Lloyd Loom chair that I have upstairs. The thought process is to paint the basic structure, recover the seat cushion in a textile designed and printed by me, and then add a cushion that works with the overall style of the colours and patterns used on the chair. I hope to obtain further supplies of chairs of this nature from Darwin’s Sales Rooms in Bedale, they specialise in auctions of house clearance furniture and knick knacks. It would be fantastic if I could have a range of different chairs – maybe designed specifically for bedrooms? – all brought back to life, in different colour schemes and pattern styles, ready for the show in September.

According to Lloyd Loom’s website (  consulted on 24/2/11) ‘Genuine British Lloyd Loom furniture is manufactured from woven twisted paper on a solid beech-wood frame.
Each piece – whether for conservatory, kitchen or restaurant – is individually handmade by craftsmen to your specification and can be in any colour you like.
Our furniture is tremendously strong and, unlike the cane and rattan furniture which inspired the original elegant designs, it will last a generation.’

The chair that I have, upstairs, is at least 40 years old, and may be older because it has brass caps on its feet. It truly deserves a facelift.

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