Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I seem to be on a roll!

So, I am now in total panic mode, the day I wrote my panic list was just the early stages! I have had a full and totally manic 10 days and, although I’m beginning to see glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel, it may all be an illusion.

The panic list currently looks like this -


Buy fabric for printing
Put sweetie lamp together
Finish stencilling wall
Photograph stencilled wall for portfolio
Make lampshade for sweetie lamp
Photograph sweetie lamp for portfolio
Go to print workshop and print fabric for cushion covers and seat cushion – this will not get done
Go into uni and design banner – submit for printing if approved by Michael
Order memory stick – probably 16gb
Submit banner for printing
Make cushion covers and cover seat cushion on Lloyd Loom chair
Finish putting sweetie table together
Have finished hand printed wallpapers
Take report for printing and binding
Take business plan for printing and binding
Put final submission together
Final submission

The items that are in red text have been done. Although I’m further than it looks on the list because I have made 2 drafts of the banner which I have sent to Michael, and I’m meeting up with him tomorrow to discuss it. I’m really pleased with it – it is a teaser which will hopefully persuade visitors to the exhibition to go downstairs to see my work, but I fear that Michael may be of the ‘less is more’ school of thinking… I have put all my images onto a USB memory stick just in case I have to start all over again. Also, my portfolio will be going to the printers today – and should be back in 7 working days – fingers and toes crossed!

I guess you are wondering what else I have been up to so…

Sweetie Lamp
The Sweetie lamp is totally finished and looks brilliant, even if I do say so myself. I hand stencilled the pattern onto the lampshade, put the lampshade together and it really looks like a quirky table lamp.

Sweetie Table
And again, the Sweetie table is completely finished and I love it. It reminds me of a Memphis Group design, you can see it is a table but it is nothing like anybody would imagine… it is almost surreal and totally fun, but also functional.

Lloyd Loom Chair
Now you will realise how much work I have actually managed to do in the last 10 days – the Lloyd Loom chair is… finished! I wished that I hadn’t decided to do this part of the project because when I was re-covering the seat I discovered that it was rather smelly – yuk! Anyway it has now been Febreezed. I ended up hand-stencilling the fabric which I used to cover the seat cushion and I’m very pleased with it. Obviously I had planned to go into uni and screen print onto the fabric, but time just didn’t allow that to happen. My alternative solution looks lovely though, so I can live with it.

I don’t think I will rush into further upholstery repair though - my fingers were very sore after sewing the cover onto the frame!

The cushion on the chair isn’t actually finished yet, I am hand stencilling the pattern onto the fabric, and there is another layer to add yet, but I pinned it to the cushion for photographic/artistic purposes – looks lovely, doesn’t it?

After finishing the Clematis stencil, and photographing it, I very quickly went on to cover it in paint and start again with the next stencil…

I was really excited by this pattern and the ‘Op Art’ aspect of it became very obvious as I walked past it – it almost appeared like the recessed panels on old doors. The way the pattern sits on the wall inspired me to create an overlaying pattern, in stencil, which I then added to the wall…

This overlay made the pattern more exciting and exaggerated the ‘Op Art’ element to the design but, this would definitely only be suitable for a feature wall!

There are only 14 days until final submission; I am almost totally wiped out – but I will get it all done and submitted. I may sleep all day on the 15th though. In the meantime, I have lots more to do so, speak to you soon.

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