Monday, 22 August 2011

Busy Weekend

I managed to pick the Squares stencil up last Wednesday, I think that it will work really well, the breaks across each square lessen it’s flow but I think it will stencil successfully.
Additionally, I have been looking at all the ‘sweeties’ that I have painted and some of them already have scuff marks on them, just from sitting on a table! So I have made an executive decision to varnish all of them. I hadn’t intended to do so because I was very happy with the very flat matt surface that I was achieving but, to create a professional impression at the exhibition I will have to overcome this issue so, I am using a matt varnish to keep the shine down and it has added a rather nice subtle sheen which seems to have deepened the colours that I have used. The use of varnish may prove to be a successful move.

In the meantime I have had a busy, but very productive, weekend. I am on a roll, but I have definitely run out of time to go into uni to do some screen printing, which is very disappointing. It would appear that everything takes twice as long to do as I had expected… this may not be a good sign or, it may just mean that things would speed up once routines were formed. Only time will tell.

So, I hear you asking, what did you get done during the weekend? Well, I took some more photos of the stencilled wall, using various cameras and taking advantage of different lighting and shadow and got some interesting photos which I will be adding to my portfolio…

Having obtained some photos that can be put into my portfolio I have now painted over this first stencilling and have started applying the second stencil. So, more images to follow.

The base of the Sweetie lamp has now been put together and it is looking fantastic, even if I do say so myself! I will take it into uni on Wednesday and ask to have it PAT tested.

Now that I have varnished the sweeties they have stopped developing scuff marks, which is a bonus, because I was getting worried about the impact of transporting the lamp and table into uni for the exhibition.

To move the lamp onto the final stage I have started painting the fabric for the lampshade today. I bought several off-cuts in a local shop last week, all of which were suitably coloured for this project. The fabric I have decided to use for this lampshade is a grey/blue moiré style fabric…

The table has started coming together too. I have finished painting and varnishing all the sweeties and I have also decorated and varnished the table top. I am totally thrilled with how the table top looks; it is exactly how I wanted it. The Op-Art effect works very well too. I think I can honestly say that it is one of my triumphs.

Despite all the stress and panic I am really looking forward to the exhibition and seeing everything on display together. In the meantime I need to photograph everything to include them in my portfolio and banner, both of which need to be sent off for printing as soon as possible – hence the sense of urgency! So I need to go and get on with more painting now. Talk to you soon.

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