Thursday, 4 August 2011


So here I am again with another quick catch up of progress. I went in to Uni yesterday for a meeting about the AD11 exhibition… of the 23 people taking part only 5 turned up! The lack of participants made it a short but sweet meeting where we decided that we need Mike Brown to finish the logo, so that we can have printed materials made up, and also so it can be passed on to Neti Shev, so that Neti, in turn, can put this onto the exhibition website. In the meantime we need Neti to name and shame anybody that hasn’t yet given him their info for uploading on to the website. We could not make any further decisions without everybody else (or at least a wider representation of the group) taking part.

This short meeting was almost a waste of my valuable time, and would have been if it hadn’t been for the fact that I also picked up my digitally printed ‘wallpapers’ and also gave Julian, in the workshop, the mylar that I have recently bought along with pdf versions of my stencils. Both of these jobs were becoming pressing and I am relieved that they have now been done.

Whilst I was in Middlesbrough Julian managed to laser cut the 2 layers of my Clematis stencil and this afternoon I have started stencilling a corner of my bedroom! It will be both useful and extremely satisfying to see my design on a wall and I am looking forward to getting it finished but – I’m not sure how my husband will feel about the bedroom when he gets back from his business trip to Hong Kong!!!

I have done two panels of the first layer so far and have had two issues… a) some of the paint hasn’t stayed within the shape because I had too much paint on the brush and b) I should have used spray mount instead of masking tape to fasten the stencil to the wall. Obviously that needs to be repositionable spray mount! This will make moving the stencil and getting a smooth join against the wall far easier – I have now found a can of spray mount and will go and continue painting shortly.

Business cards

An update to my business cards seemed fairly important too. I have redesigned them with the logo on the patterned side of the card which has allowed me to increase the size of the text on the reverse side and they should be delivered on Monday.

As an addition to the cards I also ordered some little postage stamp sized stickers that I can apply to my products and I am considering either printing myself, or having printed, some Whimsy & Quirk t-shirts!

Right I’m off to do some more stencilling, bye :D

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