Saturday, 22 January 2011

Almost finished!

Well, that has been a 'full on busy' 2 weeks! I present my project and submit my work on Tuesday afternoon. Fortunately I am more or less finished. My report is written, its bibliography and appendices have been added, it has a front cover and has been ‘pdfed’ ready to be printed and bound first thing on Monday morning. I have put my portfolio of evidence together. My sketchbook contains 165 pages and is ready to be copied on to a cd on Monday, along with a copy of my report and presentation. The only thing left for me to do now is prepare my PowerPoint presentation. I have decided to create a template background in Photoshop so everything looks unified.

I have been doing some fabric stencilling this week and added some appliqu̩ to it Рthe results have definite potential for development.

In addition to this I have also been working on some mobile phone wallpapers too – this is all experimentation at the stage. I use the same design over and over again but with the mobile phone wallpapers I have been experimenting with textures. These images are 960 x 720 pixels. This is larger than most phone screens but, my phone crops images for wallpaper so if I make the image 320 x 240 pixels I lose a lot of definition. Anyway, just experimenting as I say – what do you think?

I am feeling exhausted at the moment and am relieved this module is almost over – I need to spend a weekend with my husband instead of my laptop!

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