Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Well, that is the Creative Interaction module finished...just have to wait for my grade now! Fingers crossed. I'm feeling totally exhausted, I think the adrenaline rush, caused by finishing everything off and presenting my work today, has faded and I think that it will be an early night tonight. 

I almost had a total disaster though, I hadn't noticed that we also had to submit a 500 word reflective report about what we felt that we had learnt from teamworking - so I had to write one in an hour - no pressure at all!!! Anyway, it's all done, and hopefully I was sufficiently reflective.

So now I have a little break before starting the Realisation module, although I will start making notes and preparing. I'm going to be having an operation next month and may get behind whilst I'm recuperating, so it will help to be a little bit ahead to start with. I think I will begin by looking at a logo design for Whimsy & Quirk.

Anyway, my bed is calling to me so I will say 'Goodnight, sleep tight'

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