Saturday, 8 January 2011

Another change of direction!?

Since last writing here I have expanded my acoustics research to include Restaurant and bar design and the acoustics requirements for those environments, the books that I am using to research this aspect of the subject are Successful Restaurant Design by Regina S Baraban and Joseph F Durocher, Restaurants, Clubs and Bars: Planning, Design and Investment for Food Service Facilities by Fred Lawson and Hospitality Design for the Graying Generation: Meeting the needs of a growing market by Alfred H Baucom. I included this last book into my research because I feel that any hearing issue that we may suffer in a restaurant would be increased for a diner with a hearing problem too.

At the same time I have been continuing with my research into the history of applying decorative surfaces to interior walls and alternative methods of applying my designs to surfaces. I have also been working on converting my design into a knitting pattern (and knitting it at the same time), cross-stitching the same design onto ‘aida’ and I have also experimented with 3d appliqué!

I went in to university on Tuesday 4th January and had a tutorial with Michael. During the tutorial Michael gave me several ideas to consider. At the end of this consideration I have made some decisions.
·         The knitting pattern and knitting can be stopped – my design is not translating into knitting successfully, so I am wasting precious time.
·         My plan to design a sound absorber is good. I wish to continue with it – but as I research the subject I realise that there is a lot more research to be done, far more research, testing and development than I could possibly achieve during this module. So, this is a subject that I will study and develop into a side line within my business. It has potential and merit.
·         I have failed to consider the most obvious ‘Applications’ of all – computer and mobile phone applications. Why do I need to stick to wallpaper design for walls? Couldn’t I also design wallpapers for mobile phones and computer screens? This is something that I am very excited about – but I am running out of time with only 16 days left before final presentation of work! So I need to get on with some thinking and designing.

So, thinking about mobile phone wallpapers, mainly because mobile phones are so popular and personal, I have been trawling through Google images looking at wallpaper designs that catch my eye…  consulted on 8/1/11

I find all these images exciting due to their tactile quality – I want to touch each one to know what it feels like and maybe how it was made. Are the Christmas trees and owl make with pieces of fabric (yes, I would think so) or are they cleverly made Photoshop images? Certainly the two lower images are, to some extent, the sort of images that I would like to produce – an interesting or attractive image with a tactile and/or 3d quality, but preferably with a hand-made element added to the mix. Almost as an antithesis to the fact that it would be associated with such cutting edge technology as the latest mobile phone!

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