Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Ho hum! I’m feeling a little bemused at the moment and so have decided to start writing my report in the hope that by preparing and sorting everything in my mind and on the screen I may understand what is needed to complete this module to my satisfaction.

I had decided that I was not going to continue with research of acoustics because of the size and depth of the subject – but Michael feels that I need to continue with it and carry it on through the Realisation module. My confusion arises, partially, because I already had a commission to design a ‘vintage’ style wallpaper for a friend’s tea shop, in Australia, as the main part of my realisation.

Now I am panicking a little, because the subject of acoustics is so immense, but hopefully my plan of sorting and compartmentalising everything as I prepare my report will help me to re-focus and regain calm.

In fact, writing this down has already made me feel more calm and in control. I think my next research issue is acoustic fabrics and foams and also acoustic wadding – what are their functions? Do they all do the same thing? Can they be bought by the metre like textiles? Right, time to get on with something constructive!

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